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Samuel's Teaching Words - Body Honesty


Samuel's Teaching Words - Body Honesty

Samuel offered these observations, teaching instructions, and reflections of various subjects at workshops, lectures, public seminars and privately with friends worldwide.



"You can twist the meaning of words and take them out of context by being dishonest, but you cannot do this with the body, because you cannot turn your head 380 degrees, without "discovering" your spine. You do that by going to the edge of your limitation of turning your head right or left without discovering the pivot, or the turn. If you go beyond the limit of turning the head, beyond the edge, you will "discover" the pivot and the spine.

"This is what I call Body Honesty. You can lie with words, but not with the body. So, "Mystery" is not to be searched and wondered about. "Mystery is to be LIVED. It is in the body, in your bones, in your skeleton, and in your structure. Get it?"



"Just at the point when you are ready to quit, the work begins.

Are you ready to observe the nuance of this moment of quitting? "



"If you verbalize about it, it doesn't happen totally, it is when you do it, that it happens."



"You get what you need and what you deserve.

You are the cause of all of what you can make happen.

By simply knowing and experiencing this fact,

it will give you a profound sense of freedom you never knew."



"In the "beginning" was the word. Before the word,

there was motion ,vibration, and movement the source of all of life."

"The artist is the one who steps into the "unknown" and acts as though it were just another day,

that simple, ahh ! Remember the "unknown" is some event that "is not yet known."

It has the potential to be known, if only you look for it, because it is there always looking for you."



"This is a concept, a movement of humorous and healthy response to anything that is overdone, overchewed, or overtalked."

"In order to keep your balance, one must have a valve and/or consciousness against fanaticism or extreme behavior from one's self and others. We use this movement as a remembering tool. A signal to keep us in a state of equanimity - an inner and outer balance in every thought and action."



"Bring both hands half-closed to the abdomen, move them elegantly onward and upward while opening them with a dynamic surprise, and back."

"This exercise is learned fully with the "Hands" session."



"Every little movement has a line, a breath, a structure, and a center."



"Conquer your world, yourself, with quiet power and silence, in a relaxed way."



"Let the movement teach you how to breathe, you will discover a whole new universe."



"Words are not thoughts, they are only one of the means and tools to express thoughts verbally.

Do see the distinction when words are described as thoughts."

"Most of our ways of communication and expression of thoughts

are done with our bodies, with our movements."



"When a door bangs shut, most people are attracted to the noise and get distracted from where the attention is. However, the time when the door is shut is the exact moment when you should be looking for the next door that is actually opening before you."

"Remember, the doors of infinite possibilities are always open,

and there is no need for "keys." But if you feel a need for a "key,"

R E M E M B E R ! You Are The Key.

Use it and enter the door of new possibilities."



"Perfect movement is not enough. It must be perfect spirit and intention, too.

The intention to be perfect and precise, gives us a sense of being perfect."



"Living in a world plagued by the disease of violence,

the only logical cure is to make a special effort to increase kindness towards oneself and others."

"Functioning from this premise, one becomes fearless and creative beyond imagination."



"After rhythmically stamping the grapes with my bare young feet, learning how to make wine, my grandfather and I sat on a small, smooth rock in his yard, and he gently told me that:

"There are Three (3) Basic Ways of Living and Learning"

1. The first priority and the purpose of life is live to learn, and "learn how to learn", absorbing like a sponge, sharpening and using your intelligence to learn as mush as you can, with increased curiosity.

2. The second priority and purpose of life is living your learning, mastering the practicality of your learning and making them as perfect as possible.

3. The third priority and purpose of life is to tell your passionate story of your experience, so others can also learn and benefit from your brief moment of existence on this earth."

"Over the years I reflected many times on this profound "nugget of wisdom"

and my curiosity increased, I wondered how long this process of learning takes.

So, I adopted these three guidelines of learning to most of my activities, from thinking to doing."

Note: (See What is BodySpeak™? An article about the "Three Phases of Learning" that I use in my workshops and seminars) From the first International Summer Mime Workshop, 1975, Boulder, Colorado, USA



"We must forgive ourselves and others very quickly,

if we want to survive, exist or live.

Use this motto that I live by and learned from my grandfather:

"I eat when I am hungry, I drink when I am thirsty,

and I forgive myself and others very, very quickly."



"It is mind boggling to observe these days, that most of humans on this planet

pretend to be free, while actually they are in a self-imposed prison,

mentally dead, and biologically existing, merely JUST living."

"This sad observation increases my motivation to give to those who are ready to receive the tools,

to use their creative living, and realize to think more of themselves."

Samuel Avital, in a Public Talk, Boulder, Colorado, 1991



"There is something that exists for everyone everywhere exactly the same.

No matter if one is rich, poor, an animal, or whatever, it moves all and nothing.

It touches everyone but no one can touch it.

Everyone lives in it, but few even know it slips through.

If you do not know it, it is both elusive and real.

Once you catch it, capture it and live in it, or better yet, live it consciously,

all your utmost desires and wants may become manifested.

Then, and only then will you discover genuine happiness and realize a greater sense of self."

What is it? ...

Samuel Avital, a small puzzle for Summer students, 1987



"Silence, the "Golden Bit", is the fence of wisdom."

"BodySpeak™ teachings tune your internal and external feedback mechanism. One learns to communicate with the state of where you are, how to beneficially change old and unbalanced habits, and increase the ability to develop new and practical skills of learning and communicating.

In this process, one learns to stop using destructive patterns and moves towards

new ways of thinking and learning with greater ease, control and awareness."

"When you know, you bite the Golden Bit."

This French proverb I love, suggests always to remember:

"Si ce que tu vas dire n’est pas plus beau que le silence ne le dis pas"

"If what you are going to say is not more beautiful than silence do not say it."


For other gems of Samuel's teachings, see his books, video and articles. Or experience live, some of his workshops in Boulder, Colorado or via his Private and Individualized Consultations.

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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